About Encom

Encom Engineering was founded on 2005 in Athens, by engineers who are passionate about perfection with the right execution of projects on time and at the lowest cost.

Encom’s biggest asset is its people whose talent helps us to drive our business forward with the same passion for engineering. Encom takes initiative, continuously improves, grows and cover a wide range of services. We create significant value for our customers through uncompromising professionalism in all that we do.



  • Trust
  • Professionalism
  • Growth
  • Innovation
  • Transparency
  • Achievement and excellence
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Project Management Services

• Project Programming & Coordination
• Project Planning
• Production of Cost Estimates
• Production of Bill Of Quantities
• Assistance with Tender Packages

Mechanical Engineering Services

• Equipment Studies for Columns, Compressors, Vessels, Pumps, Heat Exchangers etc.
• Material Requisition for Inquiry and for Order
• Technical Bid Tabulations
• Vendor Technical Documentation Follow-Up

Civil & Structural Engineering

•Design of Concrete Structures (Precast & Cast in situ Concrete)
•Design of Concrete Foundation of Heavy Rotary Machinery
•Design of Steel Structures
•Design of Pipe Racks
•Design of Buildings
•Hydraulic Design of Underground Sewer Systems
•Architectural Engineering
•Preparation of 2D Drawings
•3D Model Design
•Revamping of Existing Structures
• Adequacy Check of Existing Structures and Reinforcing Design if Required

Electrical Engineering Services

•Complete Electrical Project Engineering, Estimating and Scheduling for new Installations and/or modifications of existing systems.
•Power layout of devices including receptacles, low voltage IT receptacles, plumbing equipment and associated circuit sizing.
•Power distribution design including One-line diagrams, calculations and panel schedules.
•Lighting design including interior and exterior light fixture specifications, line and low voltage lighting control design, and production of photometric plan sheets to support lighting design.
•Generator design and specification for required projects including fire pumps and/or required standby systems.
•Uninterruptable Power Supply design.
•Substations Planning and arrangement.
•Electrical Power Distribution Systems, Motor Control Centers compositions.

Instrumentation & Automation Engineering Services

•Field Instrumentation
•Installation and wiring drawings
•Logic Diagrams
•Control and Safety Systems Design
•F&G systems design
•Intercom Telecom Systems Design
•Security Systems Design
•SIL Assessments & Calculations

Process Engineering Service

•Process Flow Diagrams & Piping & Instrument Diagrams
•Equipment & Instrument Process Data Sheets
•Feasibility studies of Industrial Units
•Hydraulic Studies for pressurized networks (steady state & transient)
•Simulation of Industrial process units
•Heat Transfer Calculations for vessels and pipes
•Compilation of operating instructions/Manuals
•Detail Engineering & Design Review of Industrial Units

Piping Engineering Services

• Complete Piping Engineering Design for New installations and/or revamping of existing ones
• Development of Detailed Key Plans & Plot Plans
• 3D Model Design
• Isometric Drawings
• Detailed Piping Layouts
• Stress Analysis
• Material Take Off for Piping Components and Supports
• Special Support Design